Get Paid Faster 

Send e-Invoices to Customers

Features for Outgoing e-Invoices 

Build a list of e-invoices to be send from connected Busy Company 

Sends e-invoices one by one after review or set auto sending to identified customers

Re-Sending of Modified e-Invoices into Busy for replacement posting at Customers end

Start and Stop Sending e-Invoices automatically to identified customers 

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Connected ERP / Accounting Brands


All B2B transactions including e-Invoicing


Ready e-Invoicing and coming all B2B Transactions


Delivered Solutions to their clients 


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Quick Book

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Your ERP

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Benefits of Sending e-Invoices from Busy to Customers

Accurate accounting treatment in your customers books 

Automation ensures accuracy

Speed up Realization of Payments and Improve Cash Flow

Faster processing  and accouting of e-Invoices at customers ends resulting faster payments 

Keep customers accounts reconciled 

No more reconciliation of books of suppliers and buyers once 

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PAN India Deployment for Distribution Network

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PAN India Deployment for Distribution Network

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PAN India Deployment for Distribution Network