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Connecting ERP/Accounting Softwares for Real-time exchange of data 

Timely Accounting

Speeds up data exchange and accounting


No Re-keying of Invoices and B2B transactions 

Lowers Cost 

Reduce time for accounting and inventory management 

a mission to connect all popular accounting and ERP brands of India

Connecting Busy 


All B2B transactions including e-Invoicing


Ready e-Invoicing and coming all B2B Transactions


Delivered Solutions to their clients 


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Your ERP

Connect your ERP

e-Invoicing for One Click Invoice Accounting 

Automates invoice matching between suppliers and buyers, ensure 100% Invoice Matching for GST. 

Send & Receive Unlimited e-Invoices for Free 

Incoming e-Invoicing for One-Click Invoice Accounting

Process invoices much faster than with manual entry one by one resulting better quality invoice accounting at lowest cost

Outgoing e-Invoicing to enable suppliers get paid faster 

Enabling your buyers for faster processing of invoices means timely payment for you with less follow up

AccXchange works like email client

  • A unique AccXchange ID with a star (*) prefix to differentiate, say *reliance-enterprise

  • Receive and send e-Invoices and e-transactions like emails 

  • AccXchange requires to be installed at both ends

  • Transmsit e-transaction data real-time, if connected 

    Free Unlimited
Sending & Receiving
25 e-Invoices/Month
to post for FREE

Automation of Mobile IMEI Update for Mobile Hand Set Brands

Bill by Bill update directly from Distributor's Busy with e-Invoicing is helping Mobile Brand and every stakeholder in the distribution chain.

Bill by Bill IMEI update from Busy to IMEI Reporting Portal

e-Invoicing across Distribution Network

Notify Full Invoice to AccXchange Mobile App

Our Prestigious Clients


PAN India Deployment for Distribution Network

LAVA Mobile 

PAN India Deployment for Distribution Network

HTC Mobile

PAN India Deployment for Distribution Network