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Automated accounting of B2B transactions for Tally and other software -Sync books between suppliers and buyers

Our upcoming solution Sync 4 GST is for reconciliation of books of sellers and buyers with one click accounting of unrecorded transactions. This results synched books quickly and will eliminate the present practices of reconciliation.

What is AccXchange?

AccXchange transmits a Sales Invoice to the customer and then that customer can review and post that Sales Invoice as a Purchase Invoice in his books at one click. Its facilitates one time stock items mapping for every supplier thus e-

Automation of entering purchase invoices brings accuracy in sales invoice generation and simplifies accurate inventory management. 

What is the cost?

Sending and Receiving e-Invoices is free for all and we charge based on the usage of Invoice Accounting Robot that post e-Invoices into Tally at one click.

There is Freemium model, every company can post 25 e-Invoices per month free, thus small companies can also join e-Invoicing network and take the benefit.

There is special offer for CA firms.

a mission to connect all popular accounting and ERP brands of India

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All B2B transactions including e-Invoicing


Ready e-Invoicing and coming all B2B Transactions


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Special Offer for CA Firms/CAs in Practice?

All solution on AccXchange free for CA Firms for First Year and then 40% Discount on Standard   Pricing

Free Recurring Revenue from Consulting to your clients for all of products 

Advanced Partnership Programs for Technology Support to your coporate cleints 

All Solutions for Free for CA Firms/ CAs in Practice

AccXchange facilitates that transactions posted in one Tally server is being transmitted in real-time to customers/suppliers who are connected to each other through AccXchange. The receiver company can review and post these transactions in its books of account after automated conversion for right accounting effect. For example, a sale invoice is transmitted to the respective customer and then that customer can review and post that sales invoice as a purchase invoice


Send and Receive invoices data enabling one click or automated posting into Tally/Busy of Receivers’ company

CA firms can send service invoices for automated posting into the Tally/Busy using clients.

They can also receive digital invoices from service providers/vendors if AccXchange is being used by them

Collaborative Accounting  

Exchange all type of transactions for automated accounting for Tally/Busy companies 

CA firms can provide consulting services for planning and deploying Electronic Data Interchange solution available readily for Tally and Busy and API to connect with any application in cloud or local area network

Expense Management 

Mobile App for expense reporting with digital evidences.  Digital vouchers for Approvers to post into Tally directly

CA and students can report expense to the Firms as well clients as APP provides connectivity with multiple business entities through the same mobile app

Share & Notify Ledgers

Share Ledger / Statement of Account with connected parties and mobile users

If AccXchange installed with Clients then CA Firms can get any ledger accounts instantly on AccXchange.  Clients can push these statements to Mobile App instantly.

Import of Vouchers  

Advanced import utility for Tally to import Sales, Purchase, Receipts and Payments transactions from Excel Sheets

Bulk import utility helps CAs to complete their books of accounting by importing vouchers

Notify Invoice to Mobile

Auto sending of invoices in HTML format removes the limitation of SMS.

CA Firms can send their invoices for services to the Mobile of clients, if they are using AccXchange App.

Challenges for GST Compliances

As Tally 4 GST talked about the utmost importance of smooth flow of the transactions between businesses. Our e-Invoicing for cross connectivity with popular accounting brands / ERP solution / Invoicing Platform / e-Commerce portal is our core solution and services. We would like to provide e-Invoicing and Reconciliation Engine for cross connectivity and you know about such need for your customers too. Our up-coming Reconciliation Engine address the need of sync of books of buyers and sellers resulting automatic match with the records on GSTN.


Invoice matching with GSTN – A critical requirement for GST Compliance


Re-keying of Invoices and B2B transactions is waste of time and error prone


Time consuming reconciliation of books of Buyers and Sellers

Our Prestigious Clients


PAN India Deployment for Distribution Network

LAVA Mobile 

PAN India Deployment for Distribution Network

HTC Mobile

PAN India Deployment for Distribution Network

Advantages for your Clients

Enables Collaborative Accounting 

Lowers down cost of managing Accounts & Inventory 

Improving Speed of information and data exchange

Accuracy in information capturing – Less Human Errors