One Click Invoice Accounting into Tally

Accurate and Faster Accounting at Lower Cost 

Re-keying of Invoices and B2B transactions is waste of time and error prone

Accounting team has to go through every single purchase invoice to feed each line item manually and one by one. Of course, doing it this way is a slow, and inefficient . Its takes most of time of your accounting team. On top of that there is an added stress to feed the proper amount of VAT or GST . It is very necessary to put in correct place on the ledger to ensure timely and proper credit of VAT or GST etc..

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All B2B transactions including e-Invoicing


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Features of Incoming e-Invoices

Automates posting of invoice and thus invoice accounting just got a whole lot smarter and faster. Our Accounting Robot finally makes fully automated invoicing at the single line level possible. And this is just one click away

Automates New Stock Item Creation

Automates insertion of values in Description or in Batch  

One Time Mapping of Stock Items for each Supplier

One time Mapping of Expense Ledger for each supplier

One Time Mapping of Tax Ledgers for each supplier 

Displays pre-mapped stock items and others for future e-invoices 

Modifies Revised e-Invoices 

Get revised e-Invoices for re-posting 

Modifies existing invoice on posting

Benefits for Incoming e-Invoices

Faster and accurate entry in books of Accounts

One click invoice accouting ensures 100% accuracy with the mapping facility of stock items, expense and tax  ledgers

Ensures accuracy in Inventory Management

Automated posting of purchase invoices brings accuracy in sales invoice generation and inventory management. 

Simple and Easy to use like emails 

Business owners can approve invoices to post as no accounting knowledge requires

 Complete Invoice accounting in time 

No more interaction / follow up to get invoices from suppliers

Sending Free-Supplier adoption barriers for e-invoicing removed!

By removing the barriers, more trading partners move away from paper and onto electronic means of invoice sending enabling you faster processing and timely Input Tax Credit. AccXchange is the right way to get invoice. Simple to set up and use, with no disruption to your supply chain.

No Technical Change

No Process Change

No Supplier Charges

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