Frequently Asked Questions
About AccXchange

AccXchange is the platform for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and Data Integration. It enables to build B2B network of trading partners and facilitates exchange of data and business transactions through Private IP – the most secured way for computer to computer communication. AccXchange facilitates data integration between business applications being used internally and amongst your B2B Network.

AccXchange provides a platform for permission based real-time computer-to-computer connectivity through private IP and network of companies for exchange of business documents like invoices, purchase orders and payment transactions etc., through ODBC connectivity amongst various data sources.

An DDI solution for Tally- The most popular accounting software in India is readily available and we are going to add more applications on continuous basis.

Any business organization can quickly design and develop any data integration solution through ODBC connectivity between internal applications and networked companies. AccXchange API for Tally enables any application vendor / developer to integrate their application with Tally quickly.

Any organization irrespective of size can benefit from AccXchange for their need of data integration and EDI as it provides a platform to connect any data sources through ODBC connectivity with networked companies.

AccXchange provides connectivity with vendors and customers through the unique AccXchange ID supplied by us while registering. One company needs to invite another company to add in his B2B Network and the invitee company have to accept the request.