Frequently Asked Questions
Notification & Requests

When you get a new connection request from a trading partner (B2B Connectivity), it will listed in Notification & Request tab. When a new connection arrives into AccXchange for a connected company, the color of that company will change to green color from black..

You can ask for AccXchange ID to your Trading partner, if they are using AccXchange already. And if not, you can advise them to start to install AccXchange immediately and even free version . Then you can convince your trading partner to subscribe for AccXchange. 

Go to the Notification & Request tab and double click on that particular request and you can choose the right action mentioned over there.

Yes you can. To manage multiple AccXchange partners with same name, you have to provide different names to the AccXchange partner while accepting the connection request. Please ensure to edit the name in accounting application to start exchanging transactions.

Yes, you can connect with selected trading partners (B2B Network) of your choice and it is not necessary to establish connectivity with all.