Frequently Asked Questions
Connect a Tally Company

To register a new company, select the register a new company tab. Make sure that the Tally is closed then select the folder path where the Tally is installed on the computer. 

Open the Tally application then select the company which you want to register in AccXchange

=> fill in the name of your company

=> Click on test to automatically fetch the company details directly from the tally

=> Fill in the other details of your company

=>, then enter your Activation code to complete the registration of the company.

Default IP address is or if you are using network PC for Tally then select that PC’s IP address. Port is the port on which tally is installed, the default port is 9000.

Once you successfully register for AccXchange, an email will be sent to your email id containing 5 Free AccXchange IDs and company registered with these AccXchange ID works as per limitation of Free AccXchange ID.

If you are using Tally then select Tally Solutions and you can choose ODBC for your ODBC Data Integration or EDI connectivity.

When you select the folder path while registering a new Tally company make sure that Tally is closed, and while filling the company details in AccXchange make sure that the company is open in Tally.

If your Tally is installed on Network PC then you can fill IP of that networked PC and alternatively you can select the network path then AccXchange will automatically take care of IP.