Getting Started with AccXchange quickly

Help you understand the whole process of exchanging invoices and vouchers and experience the immense benefits in terms of speed and accuracy through collaborative accounting.

Download AccXchange

Full Featured AccXchange windows client is available for Free to use.
You can connect with your Suppliers/Buyers, and can start exchanging e-Invoices & B2B transactions with your trading partners.

You can also connect with your Trading Partners Smartphone so that they may receice e-Invoice on their Smartphone.

You can also connect your employees Smartphone with AccXchange app to use AccXchange Petty Cash Management solution quickly and at no cost.
This way you can understand and relate the benefits of Electronic Data Interchange for Tally/Busy. 

Install AccXchange

You need to install AccXchange Manager for Windows in your computer or laptop to use it.

AccXchange allows you to connect companies available in Tally/Busy application which is installed either on the same computer or anywhere in your office network. 

Register for AccXchange

You need to register with AccXchange Company Network server when you run AccXchange first time and want to login.

You can use any email ID to register and you will be sent an email to supply OTP (One Time Password) for confirming your email. 

Connect Tally/Busy Companies

You need to connect every company existing in Tally/Busy individually, if you want to exchange invoices and vouchers for that company. 

Please note that there is maximum limit of twenty five companies in AccXchange. It means that with one installation and one user ID, you can connect maximum twenty five companies.

Build Connections

To exchange e-Invoices & vouchers with any company through AccXchange, it is must that the Target Company should be already connected to AccXchange Company Network.

You will benefit, as you connect more and more companies amongst your business network that includes Debtors and Creditors.

Start Exchanging Invoices and Vouchers

Once you connect certain companies, you can observe that AccXchange is fetching newly entered cash and bank payment vouchers and listing them in Payment Vouchers Outbox and sales invoices in Sales Invoice Outbox.

In the similar manner, you will start to receive Receipt vouchers and your Purchases Invoices when the relevant connected parties enter them in their books of accounts maintained in Tally/Busy.

Upgrade from Free to Paid Version

Free version of AccXchange allows to post 25 transaction per month in your company books and even this Free Version may be immensely beneficial as you can plan to connect only those companies to whom you exchange transactions most.

The huge benefits in terms of speed and accuracy are clearly visible to you when these connected companies are your vendors/suppliers and you have frequent purchases from them. This is because, you will receive the sales invoices through AccXchange and saves voluminous time spent in posting them in addition to accuracy.

To post more than 25 transactions per month in any of your connected company in Tally/Busy, you need to upgrade your AccXchange from Free Version to any of the option of Paid Version available.

Connect all Business Network Companies

You are advisable to connect all the companies in your business network so that you can take the maximum benefit of using AccXchange.

Your B2B Network should have AccXchange installed for connecting with your B2B Network.