Channel Partners Program

Join us to become our Channel Partners

It's Revenue Earning Opportunity for Every Partners

Channel Partner Role and Responsibilities

Promote Invoice Sharing and other solutions and Mobile Apps around AccXchange platform amongst his customers and known
contacts anywhere in India. 

Demonstrate AccXchange online and onsite to prospects anywhere in India, like a Channel Partner from Mumbai can introduce and sell to his customer in Delhi.

Co-ordinate and set up online demo for matured leads by AccXchange Online Demo Team and close the deals with customers and assist us in the process

Provide deployment assistance and help clients to get started AccXchange and connect them whenever required for online assistance from AccXchange Online Support Team.

Identify enterprise customers interesting in complete digital connectivity and EDI set up for all transaction types irrespective of their present Accounting / ERP system. Working on such projects in co-ordination with us after locking that client in our CRM.

Our Role and Responsibilities

Online Training and Support to Partners and Customers.

Arranging Online Demo to Customers on partner's request for matured leads only Online Deployment Support to your Customers.

Ongoing Online Support to partners and customers.

Listing as Channel Partner on 

Release of your share of revenue on month-to-month basis by 15th, if we do direct billing

What you get

Up to 25 % sharing in net revenue and recurring renewal revenue Incentive up to 5% on achievement of mutually agreed targets.Access to AccXchange sales tools and marketing collateral.Use of AccXchange / Invoice Sharing Authorized Partner logo

How to Start and Signup

Filling KYC Form for Channel Partner. We will review your submission and schedule a call for introduction before confirming acceptance .

Every Channel Partner is a Project Partner
(Lock Project and Client)

Corporates and other organization types wants seamless digital connectivity between disparate applications deployed within premises, spread across or even deployed in cloud. They may be beneļ¬tted immensely by building digital connectivity to exchange and transform data from one application to another.

There are voluminous opportunities and any partner can spot such opportunities anywhere in the world and will facilitate to lock that opportunity so that it will be locked for that partner.

In project cases, we will understand the project and work collaboratively to win the deal and also discuss revenue sharing programs for revenue other than licenses of and services around AccXchange.

Choice of Billing to Customers

Partners at all levels have choice to adopt billing mechanism to their customers. We can raise invoices directly to their customers or alternatively we will raise invoice to our partners and then in turn, they can raise invoices to their customers. TDS will be deducted as applicable, if we bill customers and share your revenue as commission.