One to Many Data Replication Solution 

From Centralized Billing System to Thousands of Tally Companies 

The Business Vertical : Mobile Handset Manufacturer

A handset manufacturer brand rolled out central distributor’s billing system so that all distributors could adopt with ease and use  this solution for their all types of transactions with dealers/retailers.

Data Replication through AccXchange

This handset manufacturer brand decided to provide integration solution and services to replicate all the transactions in respective distributors Tally with flexibility of adoption as per present practices of managing retailer’s transactions into books of every distributor’s Tally. As AccXchange solution have ready API which can be used to post all type of vouchers into Tally so we used these API to post all vouchers in the respective distributor’s Tally by using AccXchange windows middleware which have ready solution to listen any API calls to post vouchers into Tally.

Solution Provided

AccXchange fetches all new transactions directly into AccXchange from Data of transactions of the Centralized Billing System with a choice to post into Tally automatically in the background or post at one click after reviewing the voucher. Relevant flags in Centralized Billing System are marked once vouchers are being posted into relevant distributors Tally.

Easy to Adopt 

There is a complete flexibility to suit the present system of managing vouchers and their respective setting and required one time mapping . On posting of a transaction, all relevant masters, retailers ledger account and SKUs are updated automatically with the choice of SKU/Tax/Revenue items mapping. SKU Mapping facilitates the distributors to have their own taxonomy for SKU.

API Based Integration 

API for Centralized Billing System were developed and are being used to fetch pending transactions for every voucher type and access to relevant master data information. We integrated Tally with Centralized Billing System based on the API developed based on requirement mutually agreed.

Cost Attached

There are three components of cost. First one is for one-time solution development and then second one monthly charges per distributor based on active distributor count- month to month basis