Why AccXchange 

Address the gap for Non Avaialbility of EDI solution for Tally and other Indian Accounting / ERP Brands 

Purchases and other transactions with trading partner network are being entered manually and that is a time consuming activity and may be error prone. There are many challenges related to account reconciliation with customers and suppliers and several issues to have a perfect inventory management in the present system of entering data manually.

A lot of time can be saved with accuracy in accounting and inventory management by adopting Electronic Data Interchange, a proven technology to exchange invoices and other transactions between trading partner networks.

In India, no EDI solutions are available for Tally and other popular accounting software like Busy, Marg etc. being used by Indian business. EDI and other integration solutions available in global market are also not fit for EDI around accounting applications being used in local area network.

Even majority of the Indian Corporates have deployed the enterprise applications like SAP etc. but the business entities who are the part of their distribution network are still using accounting applications like Tally and Busy etc. Hence most of the Indian corporates also could not deploy EDI solutions and may have B2B portal to gather required data and information from their partner network.

We built AccXchange platform that works on private IP, the most secured way of computer to computer communication and facilitates to build a network of companies/ databases to build solutions for data interchange, integration, replication, synchronization and analytics etc.